About W1JN

W1JN is licensed to amateur radio operator Joseph "Joe" Nehm.  I was first
licensed in 1968 as WN2HSQ on Long Island, New York.  Subsequent callsigns
have been WA2HSQ, NM2O, and NI1L.  The current callsign, W1JN, has been
held for over ten years.

I am interested in all aspects of Amateur Radio, and I try to spread my activity
over all bands and modes.  I especially enjoy casual DXing and contesting,
ragchewing, CW, digital modes, battery-power portable operating, and wire

The main station consists of a Kenwood TS-2000 running 100 watts to a
multiband horizontal dipole antenna, a 160 meter-band inverted-L. or a 6 meter

The portable station is an Icom IC-703 usually running 5 watts, 10-Amp NiMH
battery, and Buddistick / Buddipole antenna.
About W1JN
W1JN operator Joe Nehm

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